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Singapore is known for its rich history and cultural heritage. With the advancement in technology and orientation in the modern world, Singapore has become one of the important trading destinations in Asia. Singapore is ranked top among the brand countries of Asia for its quality of living and world best infrastructure.
Singapore education is considered to give access to all world-class infrastructure and courses. The cost of living and tuition fee in Singapore is also typically low compared to other foreign education destinations. Besides this Singapore offers hassle-free VISA processes that every student easily apply and get approval on minimum restrictions. Being a host to over 7000 multinational companies, Singapore is one of the countries providing easiest business opportunities and trade centres and even work opportunities. In Singapore, one of the top priorities is to provide top quality education for students. Hence, education in Singapore promotes excellence and progressive culture in students to pursue and learn, attracting around or more than 60,000 students from across the world.

Why Study in Singapore?

Singapore is a relatively small country with maximum educational benefits, work permits and employment potential. Singapore offers the foreign University Degree which is valid and recognized worldwide. It offers a convincing environment for students to improve their standards of living and good job opportunities for management professionals. International studies in Singapore are the best as the priority in the ministry of education of the country is providing highly qualified education. Universities in Singapore accept Applications from December to March.

Getting Educational VISA for Singapore:

Singapore have four top universities offering prime courses that provide best work opportunities. Choosing the best university for a preferred course is the primary key. Then Apply for the most preferred University/Institute by foreign students. This help in work permit flexibility. University approval will obviously be based on academic excellence. Then the VISA application process can be begun for the duration of the course.

Eligibility Requirements to Study in Singapore:

The applicant's eligibility to study in Singapore is validated based on a few points as below:

  1. English Language skills are analysed from IELTS/TOEFL certificate at ICA.
  2. Student Pass is mandatory for any international student to pursue in Singapore Universities/Institutes.
  3. Students need to submit required documents through solar pathway to the immigration authorities.
  4. In the end of process, an acceptance letter usually called as “In Principal Approval” is issued which contains VISA to enter Singapore.

Getting Educational VISA for Singapore:

Educational University Wings and Degrees:
Career Opportunities:

The scenario of technical advancements and scope of learning in Australian education has a trademark for its creativity and research. Most of the employers in world trade prefer Australian graduates for their subject stuff and work experiences. Some of the most preferred fields in Australian Institutions are natural sciences (biology, zoology, chemistry, etc), mathematics, engineering, social sciences (sociology, anthropology, archaeology, psychology, etc), and medical fields (even MD’s and PhD’s).

SRH Global Edu Student Services:

Consultants at SRH Global Edu help students to easily get admissions in the top Universities of Australia. Our experienced consultants back the students right from course selection till fulfilling post departure formalities. We advise each student in choosing the right University or college by guiding them to select the right career program. Our consultants help in preparing the documents required for VISA. Getting a job in short duration is also the key aspect where our consultants help every student achieve it and also helps in extending the work permits.

Work Permit & Stay Back:

The work permit in Singapore completely depends on the courses chosen by students. Singapore does not offer work permits but allows only if the chosen course has an inbuilt Internship. However, work permits can be applied to completing their studies and securing a job. The work rights for Part-time will be 16 hours per week during term and it will be unlimited hours during vacations.