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Profile Evaluations

Profile Evaluation is an initial step in immigration of students for abroad education. It is actually conducted to understand and analyse the student’s skills and financial traits to conclude on the best suitable country specific to their interest of career. Profile immigration is conducted to ensure the candidate is fulfilling the government procedures according to the immigration authorities of respective countries and have a hassle free admission process.

At SRH Global Edu, we study the students profiles to know their interest and goals which enable us to guide them more better. The best suited country will be on a whole differs for each student considering various aspects like eligibility to country pre-requisites, Qualification & Skills, Medical Evaluations and on top the financial terms which are unique to each country. In the initial profile evaluation, we make sure the student gets clarity on required eligibility factors, Score required, Demand in chosen course in specific province or states, Processing challenges, Different career pathways or income scope and moreover profile drawbacks.

There will be different aspects taken into consideration of profile evaluation which are listed as follows:

Analysing Eligibility Traits:

In most of the countries educational eligibility is calculated in points of entrance tests. Based on the student’s selected course and country, we evaluate the student profile and analyse the eligibility traits. Our consultant guides will take a step of completely scrutinizing the required profile upgradations in possible areas and guides the student to create a strong profile for themselves.

Requirements for profile evaluation: