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Mock Interviews​

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Mock Interviews are intended to evaluate the overall performance of an individual before they undergo the actual interview. These mock interviews helps students identify the areas of betterments required and study in those areas to excel further. Our Industry specialists with an experience of over 10 years helps students in enhancing the areas where the betterments required. We pay the personalized attention on every student to acquire a time to conduct mock interviews and clarify the doubts of students. Following the final interview process, our experts conduct in between mock interviews to precisely identify the areas of lacking. We intensively plan and schedule accordingly to train the students to appear confidently in the interviews. ​

Mock Interview panel at SRH Global Edu conducts interviews I two levels as One-to-one Interview and Panel interview. At each level of interview, the overall performance of student is recorded and evaluated to guide them better further. In these guide sessions, we teach students to research and do ground work on Courses, Countries or Universities. We give tips to maintain professional body language which includes How to Dress, Handshake, Smile and maintain eye contact with the interviewer or panel. ​​​