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Study In Canada

Canada is a North American country and is the second largest country with 6 time zones. Being a multi-cultural country, Canadian constitution supports religious freedom. Education in Canada is ranked highly internationally for its economic friendly environment for students from different parts of world. Around 26 Universities in Canada is ranked top by QS World University of which 3 are in world’s top 50 countries and 10 in world’s top 500.

Why Study in Canada? ​

Canada offers welcoming environment for international students and the Universities are dedicated towards creating excellent career opportunities. Graduation programs in Canada offers value driven education with a scope of gaining renowned experience and exposure to trending technologies. Canada offers first rate education in its large number of prestigious universities world-wide. Education in Canada is provided publicly and it is within the provincial jurisdiction. For international students to study in Canada a document called Study Permit issues for a limited period. 18 Universities of Canada are ranked among 500 top Universities in the world by QS World University ranking. Canada will be providing brilliant education with cultural experience for its students. There were more than 3,00,000 international students preferring Canada as their abroad education destination every year.​

Key Highlights:
Education in Canada:

According to Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, Canada is the country that spends maximum amount in capita on education than any other countries. Institutions in Canada comprises of both Public and Private Schools, Colleges or Universities offering wide range of qualifications like First Professional Degree, Diploma, Associate Degrees, Applied Degrees, Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree, Doctorate. The country also offers wide range of job focussed programmes for its students. Students are provided with large options of general degrees to choose the best that matches with their career aspiration. Educating in Canada offers an opportunity to gain real world work experience with its expertise education delivery. Students will be offered to work on during and after college hours. Universities help students to apply in companies and guide them gain practical work experience. This forefront opportunities from Universities help students work-ready before they complete their degree of course. Canada offers educational contribution in areas like software development, telecommunications, aerospace engineering, urban transport, biotechnology, mining technology and environmental industries. Canadian Colleges combine curriculum with employee-centred curriculum.

Career Opportunities:

For international students, Canada offers 20 hours a week work permit where the earnings will be enough to bear the expenses. With a wide scope for research oriented learning and practical work exposure, Canadian degree or a certificate carries a heavy weight in any business, government sectors and academic circles around the globe. The students in Canada can apply for co-op work placement to work as an intern in their field of study. This helps them in extending their career scope. Students can also apply for their post-graduate work permit for two years upon completing their graduation.