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Study in Australia

Australia is one of the young and vibrant countries offering quality education and lifestyle. Australia is densely populated with about 24 million population from all around the world. Australia have the highest education population despite other countries in the world. The climate in Australia typically varies with tropical climates in northern parts and southern parts. Above all Australia have an alluring education style which attracts students from all over world to come and study with huge career opportunities. As Australia is an emerging hot-spot for foreign education, SRH Global Edu are the leading Australian Education Consultants.

Why Study in Australia?​​

Education in Australia is majorly under the control of States and Territories where the government provides financing and regulates the Universities or Schools. However the curriculum is devised from the education experts within the universities. The Education pattern in Australia is 3-tier as Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Education. All Universities, TAFE colleges and Vocation Education and Training providers/VET providers will fall in tertiary Education. The courses in Australia ranges above 22,000 with more than 1100 Universities/Institutions. Australia stood 6th most preferred country on world scale offering wide ranges of courses for students.​​

Australia promotes innovation with creative learning environment with independent learning scope. The quality of scientific research scope is one of the appealing quality of Australian Universities. Educating in Australia will definitely a great opportunity for students willing to pursue their career in innovation or science. Australia offers great work permit for its students which is an added preference for many students who are interested to earn while they lean. ​

Australian Education System:

The public vocational education system in Australia is called TAFE, i.e., technical and further education. These colleges offer adult learning experiences providing the certificates and diploma programs. These schools offer work-permit and work opportunities to find an immediate source of income. Under graduation courses in Australia lasts for 3 to 4 years depending on the degree chosen whereas the post-graduation courses will be about 1 to 2 years including research period. Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) offers students to easily transfer the credits and shift between study levels and institutions at different levels of course.

Educational University Wings and Degrees:
Career Opportunities:

The scenario of technical advancements and scope of learning in Australian education has a trademark for its creativity and research. Most of the employers in world trade prefer Australian graduates for their subject stuff and work experiences. Some of the most preferred fields in Australian Institutions are natural sciences (biology, zoology, chemistry, etc), mathematics, engineering, social sciences (sociology, anthropology, archaeology, psychology, etc), and medical fields (even MD’s and PhD’s).

SRH Global Edu Student Services:

Consultants at SRH Global Edu help students to easily get admissions in the top Universities of Australia. Our experienced consultants back the students right from course selection till fulfilling post departure formalities. We advise each student in choosing the right University or college by guiding them to select the right career program. Our consultants help in preparing the documents required for VISA. Getting a job in short duration is also the key aspect where our consultants help every student achieve it and also helps in extending the work permits.